How To Make The Perfect Tabouli Salad

How To Make The Perfect Tabouli Salad


Tabbouleh ( also referred to as Tabouli) is a beautiful fresh bulgur salad and herb, with parsley being the very first ingredient. Tabouli salad is dotted with sliced tomato and cucumber, and carefully dressed basically with lemon juice and olive oil. It is thrilling, slick, and rammed with several healthy ingredients. You'll always find this savory salad as a side dish on Mediterranean menus.




Fresh parsley:

Good tabouli makes use of several tons of parsley. The salad has fresh parsley to thank for its greenish color. Even when it is sliced into bits, curly parsley provides some additional volume that makes the salad so sweet to eat.

Fresh mint and green onion:

Mint is standard and includes an additional fresh flavor. With that being said, it can be quite costly, so you can choose not to use it if you can't afford it. Green onion is quite ideal in the preparation of tabouli.


Bulgur is parboiled broken wheat, so it is entire grain. Once made, it is soft and puffy. Bulgur is always mistaken for couscous, but they are quite different ( couscous are little pasta). Genuine tabouli is prepared with a very fine grain and is always soaked instead of cooked. There exist several types of bulgurs, and you may encounter just one option at the store. It is advisable to soak ( or cook) it according to the instructions written on the package.

Cucumber and tomato:

Fresh tomato and cucumber give the tabouli salad more color and texture. It also complements the refreshing factor. Some find it unusual to include cucumber in the mix, if you fall in this category of individuals, you can decide against adding it, it's your choice!

Olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic:

Tabouli salad is dressed in a basic mixture of lemon juice and olive oil. You won't see garlic in all tabouli recipes, but it's quite sure that clove can make this recipe quite delicious.






  • A cup of sliced cucumber ( small-to-medium)

  • Half cup of bulgur

  • A cup of sliced tomato ( 1 Large)

  • A teaspoon of divided excellent sea salt

  • Three medium bunches of curly parsley

  • ounce of diced fresh mint ( This is optional but highly recommended. You can slice it in the food processor along with the parsley)

  • A medium clove of garlic, finely chopped or pressed.

  • cup of additional virgin olive oil

  • cup of slenderly diced green onion

  • 3 to 4 tablespoons of lemon juice, to give it taste



  1. Soak or prepare the bulgur until it becomes tender, following the package instructions. Ensure that you drain off any extra water and keep too cool.

  2. Meanwhile, add the sliced tomato and cucumber in an average-sized bowl with a half teaspoon of salt. Mix and leave the mixture for a minimum of 10 minutes, or until you are prepared to stir the salad.

  3. To make the parsley, prune the thick stems. Afterward, carefully cut the parsley and remaining stem. This can be carried out manually, but it is much comfortable to do this in a food processor with the blade "S" standard. Process a bunch at a time by moving the cut parsley to a big serving bowl before advancing with the next step.

  4. Whisk together the olive oil, the remaining half teaspoon of salt, and three tablespoons of lemon juice in a little measuring bowl or cup. Pour the mixture into the salad and stir to mix. Taste and make adjustments if needed. Include an extra tablespoon of lemon juice for zing, or salt for extra general flavor.

  5. If you aren't in a rush, let the salad cool for 15 minutes before serving. This is done to allow the flavors mix. Tabouli salad can be stored covered in the refrigerator for as long as four days.


Ensure you utilize the ripest and red tomatoes you can lay your hands on. If you plan on making tabouli salad when tomatoes are scarce, cherry tomatoes might be an ideal alternative.




Tabouli also spelled tabouleh or tabbouleh, is a well known middle eastern salad that consists of tomatoes, bulgur, spring onion, parsley, and mint. Usually, lemon juice and olive oil are included as a seasoning. The salad is trendy in lots of countries in the Middle East but is also becoming popular in Western cuisine as a healthful vegetarian meal with reduced fat, thus offers mineral, fiber, and complex carbohydrates. Aside from being a savory delicacy, this salad is known to contain ingredients that boast of several health benefits.



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