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At HalalWorldDepot we are committed to delivering sustainable, high quality, unique, and 100% Halal products.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Love your products your packaging, your delivery your process everything is awesome. only at times I get disapointed when the product I like is out of stock. - ishrat Khan

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Fantastic service. Ordered frozen meat in sweltering heat and it arrived frozen. Compared to some other halal companies, this is the best delivery I've had so far. -Mohammad Hassan

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I am extremely satisfied with the meats I have ordered, I was very happy to have found Halal World Depot's website. he meat is clean and well prepared with no fat or gristle. -Amber Pressel

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Everything packaged very well. Frozen items still frozen. Only one mistake - got peppermint tea instead of mint tea. Issue was quickly resolved (refund to account). Staff was friendly. Thank you! I am happy with my items! -Allison T.

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Peace to all. This place is a blessing. Halal food right to your door. There's no excuse for me to not be strict and only eat halal meat. Their food is so good so juicy and its comes to you fast and frozen. Prices are better than the garbage they sell in any store.

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I ordered smoked turkey slices and roast beef slices. As well as deli buffalo chicken slices. Amazing quality and fresh taste. Everything tastes so good. Excellent customer service as well.

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