What Are The Benefits Of Attending Jummah Salah? | Islamic Benefits Of Jummah Salah Explained |

What Are The Benefits Of Attending Jummah Salah? | Islamic Benefits Of Jummah Salah Explained |

Jummah is the most important time during the week for Muslims since it is the day they assemble for worship in the community.  

The Friday prayers are preceded by a discourse intended to provide Muslims with essential information regarding Almighty Allah, Prophets, and most importantly, their religion, Islam. 

As we all understand, the Islamic faith's congregational rituals are highly regarded. Hence, this is when Muslims in more significant numbers than other occasions assemble for the prayer on Friday.

Importance of Jummah Prayer 

Even though Friday is the fifth day of the week, it has great importance. On Friday, the term Jummah refers to the day of the week. 

The literal meaning of the word is Congregation. This day is assigned the most significance in Islam, surpassing all other weekdays' nights combined.

There seem to be a variety of advantages to praying on Fridays. During Fridays, several hundreds of people congregate in mosques to give the Friday worships, which is a religious tradition. 

According to Islamic tradition, a guy who does not worship frequently is also believed to seldom skip the Jummah Prayer at any point in his life. Such is the importance of Jummah prayer.

Sunnahs to Follow On Friday 

  • - Take a thorough bath 

  • - It is advisable to clean teeth with siwak 

  • - It is a Sunnah to wear new and clean clothes on Friday 

  • - Apply oud or perfume 

  • - Cut the nails 

  • - Read surah-al-kahf

  • - Send as much blessing and durood on the Holy Prophet  PUBH

  • - Make as much dua as possible between asr and maghrib

What are the Benefits of Praying on the Day of Friday?

Friday is considered the finest weekdays. During Ramadan, when we have Friday prayers coming from Ramadan, there is something so joyful and meaningful about it compared to no other.

Jummah Prayer on Friday has several advantages, which are as follows:

  • - During this beautiful period on Friday, your prayers are answered, and anything you wish for is given.

  • - For worshipping Allah Almighty on Friday, bathing and traveling to the mosques to worship are the best way to gain blessings equal to a camel's sacrifice.

  • - Your misdeeds are washed away when the water flows from your skin during the Jummah prayer shower.

  • - Those who arrive at the mosques before the Imam are blessed by Allah, as well as the praises of Allah are written on their foreheads.

  • - Walking to the mosques for prayer on the day of Jummah is like performing qiyaam plus fasting for a year in one go.

  • - Frequent prayers cannot compare to the power and efficacy of this particular one.

  • - Praying in the congregation in the mosques is preferable to worshipping alone at homes.

  • - During Jummah prayers, all the Muslims should attend the Khutbah. This is considered to be extremely important.

  • - The Jummah prayer, which takes place before the daily prayers, was particularly beloved by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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