Halal Whole Beef Chunk

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Chuck steak is a cut of beef and is part of the subprimal cut known as the chuck. Creates an amazing taste when put on a grill, a great meal for the family.The beef chunk is provided by Saad Halal Meats which has been in the halal meat market for over 40 years! Order.Ship.Enjoy!

Halal Whole Beef Chunk


    -Cold Shipments are sent out Monday-Wednesday to guarantee the freshest delivery

    -Meat is vacuum sealed 

    -Deep Frozen In Our Commercial Freezers 

    -Packed in a Foam Insulated Box To Keep Items Cold and Fresh

    -Cold Packs are Placed in The Box To Keep Items Cold for up to 48 Hours

    - 2 Day Shipping To Your Front Door  


**Please Allow 24 Hours Order Preparation Time**

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