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15% Off + Free Shipping Over $100 With Code FallSale - Ends 10/05

Halal Deli Sliced Smoked Turkey | High Quality | Perfect For Sandwiches | Sliced and Packaged Fresh | High Quality | 100% Zabiha Halal |

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Smoked turkey is the perfect versatile deli meat for all your sandwiches and cooking needs!  This impeccable Halal smoked turkey is the ultimate delicious addition to your plate. 

This smoked turkey can be added to sandwiches or whole-grain crackers for a perfect snack. Roll it up and put it on toothpicks for the ideal appetizer at lunch or dinner.  This smoked turkey is delicious when served chilled or when heated up for a toasted sandwich or sub.  Put it on a delicious and thick sandwich bread along with your favorite condiments, lettuce, and juicy tomatoes for the perfect sandwich.  Layer it on a sub roll and toast it with melted Halal cheese and your favorite toppings. 

The possibilities are endless with this delicious smoked turkey, an all-time favorite at Sharifa Halal.  Sharifa Halal has been serving you and providing the most high-quality Halal meats for over twenty years so you can trust the quality of your product when you order from Sharifa Halal. 

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