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Miswak/Siwak Natural Toothbrush | 100% Natural | Fights Gum Disease | Promotes Cleanliness | Natural Toothbrush |

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The miswak or siwak is a natural tool for brushing teeth. It can clean the mouth, polish the eyes, remove bad breath and dirt in the mouth, whiten teeth, gives vigor to the gums, and promotes digestion. Simply put, for Muslims, the use of miswak is not only about cleanliness — it's essentially an act of worship. As per Hadith. 
Benefits Of Miswak:
  • Fights plaque.
  • Fights gum disease.
  • Prevent any existing teeth decay from getting worse.
  • Contains minerals such as chloride, sodium bicarbonate, and potassium.
  • Strengthen the enamel in your teeth.
  • Leaves you with a healthy mouth.