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K&N's Chapli Kabab | Approx. 7 Kebabs | No MSG Added | No preservatives | No antibiotics | Vegetarian fed | Ground Chicken Meat Patties |

by K&N USA
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Chapli Kabab – Ground chicken meat patties with fresh onions and cracked coriander seeds

7 Kababs  |  18.1 oz

These delicious chapel kababs are wonderful to have for a snack or even for social gatherings. Just take them out of the freezer, grill them or fry them on the stove. They're extremely convenient and 100% halal. The freshness of this product comes at a wonderful advantage will such an amazing price. There's no need to make those useless trips to the grocery store with such a busy schedule when you have products at the tip of your fingers. Order with us, and we promise not to disappoint!

No MSG added
No nitrates or nitrites added
No preservatives
0g Trans Fat (per serving)
No mechanically separated chicken meat (MSM)
Vegetarian fed
No antibiotics
Ready-to-Cook Product
Hand-Cut Halal Certified