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Greenfield Nutritions Halal Kids Gummy Multivitamin (Bears) | Vitamin C, D3, and Zinc for Immunity, B6 & Methyl B12 for Energy | Gelatin Free | Gluten Free | 90 Gummies

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Multivitamin for Children Halal gummy bears vitamins for Children 2 years and above, the product contains variety of gummies multivitamins and minerals that are providing nutrients for the children's body and helps support energy, immunity, and metabolism. Some of those vitamins and minerals body can’t obtain them from food. Health Support: Vitamin A supports cell growth, immune function, fetal development and vision.* Vitamins B helps cell metabolism and energy. * Vitamin C is antioxidant, protects the body from harmful substances.* Vitamin D supports bone and teeth health by improving calcium absorption in the body, and supports function, strength and balance of muscle and immune health.* Vitamin E supports the skin and eyes heath.* Zinc supports immune system.* Folic acid is involved in producing the DNA and other bodily functions. * Choline may support nerves, brain and liver function.*
Halal gummy bears vitamins from Greenfield Nutritions Greenfield Nutritions halal gummy bears vitamins formula contains the essential vitamins and mineral for children.* It is a gummy formulation, contains no gelatin which is easy to chew Made from natural ingredients with different natural flavors. Our formulas are free of pork products and alcohol, and they are US HALAL certified products, including the ingredients such as the gelatin. In addition our manufacturer facilities are Halal Certified. Made in USA in GMP certified facility and FDA registered facility. Product has laboratory certificate of analysis for quality control.