Halal Whole Beef Chunk

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Beef chuck has been a challenge for butchers (and chefs) for a long time.

Beef chuck is a huge primal cut that comes mainly from the shoulder section of the steer, as well as parts of the neck, ribs, and the upper arm. The entire thing can weigh more than 100 pounds, and it makes up fully 30 percent of an entire side of beef.

A shoulder is a really complicated contraption, made up of a multitude of different muscles of various shapes and sizes.

These muscles are used for locomotion, and for supporting the weight of the animal. The more a muscle is exercised, the tougher it gets. So shoulder muscles are generally pretty tough.

Chuck steak is a cut of beef and is part of the subprimal cut known as the chuck. Creates an amazing taste when put on a grill, a great meal for the family.The beef chunk is provided by Saad Halal Meats which has been in the halal meat market for over 40 years! Order.Ship.Enjoy!

Halal Whole Beef Chunk


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